Why Mompreneurs Struggle to Produce Viral Content and Engage Their Audiences?




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Is your brand making an emotional connection? There are millions of brands out there that have amazing business ideas, unique and innovative concepts, and even award-winning products and services. But are they appealing to you emotionally and building a large enough connection with you as a consumer to foster a long term relationship with you, encourage your brand loyalty, and keep you coming back?

One of the focuses and main business goals that we should have as effective entrepreneurs is the ability to tap into our audiences emotions and appeal to them in key ways outside of just offering nice products and services. Because chances are, your competitor is most likely already offering the same exact things. So how can your brand stand out in the marketplace and earn the engagement and loyalty that you’re looking for from your audience?

1. The Key of Reciprocity

We struggle to understand why some content goes viral and quickly rises to the top, and while some content that we work so hard to produce, can barely gain 30 likes. We have desperately focused on generating content in hopes that it will garner some attention and boost our brands overnight. But yet we have failed to connect with our audiences emotional needs and tap into the areas that speak to them most. We can’t forget about our audiences emotional needs and our primary obligation to give back to them. Have you ever heard of the expression, “Feed What’s Feeding You?” What that simply means is that you can’t expect for someone to invest into you what you cannot invest back into them. A business or brand is just like any other relationship and it always requires a two-way street. As a mindful entrepreneur, you cannot expect for your consumers to support you, share your content, purchase your products, share your brand’s story with their friends and family, send you referrals, and help you build brand awareness if you have absolutely nothing to offer them in return. Reciprocity is real and it goes much deeper than just the products and services that you can offer someone. My encouragement to you is this: The next time that you get ready to post content on social media, share a photo highlighting your day or some cool thing that you’re doing, or make a special announcement that you feel is relevant enough to share with your audience, make sure that your message is the following:

  1. Impactful
  2. Emotionally Appealing to Your Audience
  3. And Relevant to What your Audience Needs

If your content cannot achieve these items, then honestly I wouldn’t bother to post it. Our content is not just about us or getting our brands out there. It’s about how we can help someone else and improve their lives based on the stories that we tell and the key messages behind them.

2. Is Your Brand’s Content Practical and Useful?

Part of your brand being practical and useful is the ability to address a pain point or a problem that your audience might have. For example, when sharing content we have to acknowledge that it’s not just about building brand awareness and brand recognition, and then expecting our reader to share the content. If our content is produced well and done right, the reader will then see value in it and will then be motivated to want to share it because we have delivered something that speaks to them and that they have found useful.

3. Know Who Your Audience Is?

Are you targeting the right market? One the of things that I have been struggling with lately is reaching the audience that my brand caters to. The focus of my brand, “Amour Genesis,” is to inspire and appeal to moms. However, strategically the content that I post is catered to working moms and mompreneurs looking to balance life between mommyhood and entrepreneurship. I also target mothers in the special needs community because this is another audience that I can relate to based upon my own personal life experiences.

When you post content, be clear on who the audience is that you’re speaking to and know what their demographics are. Clearly identify your audience, address their pain points through the products and services that your brand offers, and then appeal to their emotions in a way that shows empathy, builds trust, and speaks to their needs. The first step of building any relationship, is to first identify who you want to form a relationship with.

Thank you guys for reading my latest post and I hope that you found my content both engaging and relevant to your brand goals. Until next time, let’s have a great week and continue to inspire each other!

Genesis A. Emery

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