You guys will not believe the last couple of months that I’ve had to so far. Between the associated stress of closing on my first home, packing up my toddler and I and moving to our new condo, taking an early morning flight to Atlanta to purchase a new car, then taking a road trip from Atlanta to Chicago that lasted 10 hours to get back home, working full-time in insurance sales, managing two businesses, running after a very active and energetic toddler who doesn’t want to sleep at night, all while still trying to hold it all together and balance my personal life too. I don’t know of a better way to say this, but to be honest, my life has been insane lately and I am literally running off limited fuel! There have been so many days when I felt like just throwing in the towel and calling it quits simply because of how tired I have been and overwhelmed with trying to manage and balance everything. And honestly, it’s even harder when you’re a single mom doing it by yourself.

Before I came a mom I didn’t realize how hard that those women work and how much that they take throughout their day-to-day lives just to make it to the next day, be active in their children’s lives, and still work hard to be successful in the multiple hats that they wear. These women are the same women waking up at 5am and earlier to breastfeed their newborn babies, rush out of their homes to drop their kids off at school and daycare, fight through traffic to get to work on time (and that’s on a good day), rush home in rush hour traffic to make a dinner, spend time talking to their kids to find out how their day was and even help them with their homework, give baths and get their children ready for bedtime, and still manage to devote their time to their husbands or significant others while still setting aside a short few minutes of personal time for themselves. No matter what else is going on that day and what is all listed on their heavy to-do list, they still manage to do all of this and some within the span of 24 hours. And we haven’t even considered the time that they spend focusing on their brands and businesses for those who still have full-time jobs.

I truly commend moms because there is no harder job than being a mom. We don’t the benefits of paid time off, sick days, vacations, and personal days. We are moms, parents, doctors, nurses, caregivers, friends, coaches, support systems, best friends, shoulders to cry and ears to listen day in and day out and life for us doesn’t stop just because we had a hard day or don’t feel like being bothered. We keep going and working hard anyway because that’s what we were designed to do.

When moms and women in general tell me how much that I inspire them and how hard that they see me work, I really take those words to heart and it helps me to feel that I’m not juggling the ups and downs of mommyhood, balancing a hectic career, and getting through life alone. There are so many women and specifically moms who are just like me: just doing their best and working hard to accomplish their goals. My advice to all of the moms reading my blog is to keep fighting for your dreams and always know that you are not alone in the fight. The struggle can definitely get real at times. But you know what, we got this and we are never given more than what we can handle. Stay strong mama and hang in there! I’ll be doing the same.


Talk soon Mamas!

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