Hey Mamas! I hope that you ladies are all having a wonderful week and enjoying our first official week of spring! (If you’re like me and you live in Chicago you know that spring was way over-due and so much-needed lol).

I decided to share this blog post today because I love seeing so many mompreneurs with amazing ideas and ambitious career plans that they want to pursue. As a mother myself and a busy entrepreneur, I want to give you ladies the tips that you need to help you be successful and live the life that you desire as you balance mommyhood and entrepreneurship. However, what I’m finding is that often times, so many of us find it challenging to pursue our professional career goals, continually reach for more opportunities, and still take care of things with our families on the home front without having to put some of our goals and dreams on the back burner. It’s so admirable that we want to be ambitious and take on so much, but why are we having challenges accomplishing our goals and ultimately getting to where we want to be? Here are a couple of helpful tips for us to consider as we write down our goals and take the necessary steps to accomplish them:

  1. Are You Managing Your Time the Best that You Can?

I know as mamas we tend to get quite busy and are always taking on more and more, even though our hands are already tied and our plates are already full. But here’s the thing, many of us pride ourselves on being busy and are quick to say that we don’t have time. But the question is, what are you actually doing with your time? And how much of your time is actually spent on growing, managing, and profiting your business? It’s always a great thing to be busy, but are you just saying that you’re busy because your time is spent on the wrong activities that are not helping you to get closer to your goals? Or are you truly busy because your time is being invested towards the right activities and headed in the right direction to help you ultimately be successful? Being busy and being productive are too different things and we have to learn how to learn the difference between the two so that we don’t get caught up in activities that are not valuable for us or beneficial for our success. I encourage you mamas to really focus on the activities that are going to help grow your brands, build your empire, and help you to reach every goal that you have ever imagined. You can do it and you got this! There are 24 hours in each day, what are you doing with them?

2. Are You Easily Distracted By Distractions?

Distractions are just what they are: a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. Distractions are going to happen and at times they can even be inevitable. However, it’s really important that you are focused enough not to allow outside things to become an interference in your life and hinder you from reaching your goals. Its little things like a simple phone call or text message that can distract you and cause you to lose focus when you’re fully involved in a task, hustling to get something accomplished, and in the midst of working on your goals and priorities. And it’s even bigger things like your children calling your name multiple times a day, your families constantly needing you for things and demanding your time and attention, and your regular mommy duties that can take you away from your goals and become a distraction for you during times when you’re motivated and ready to hit the ground running. Of course it’s normal for moms to get distracted by their children and families.

However, the difference here is that successful moms know how to manage their time differently and they can easily differentiate distractions that matter and can’t wait versus distractions that don’t and won’t help them achieve their end goals. My advice to you is this, if you’re in the middle of writing that book that you’ve been talking about publishing for the past year and you’re finally on a solid roll, don’t let that silly text that your friend just sent about absolutely nothing, cause you to stop and lose your train of thought because you allowed yourself to get easily distracted. If you’re in the middle of writing your business plan for an amazing business idea that you created, don’t let that phone call from a family member to chat about gossip and drama cause you to get side-tracked and lose focus on the important tasks in your life. If you’re working on creating content for the week for your blog, don’t let your favorite show coming on tonight stop you from taking care of your business and managing your brand. That’s why there’s DVR!

Make the necessary sacrifices that you need to and learn how to let unimportant things go so that you can devote your time and energy towards things that are going to benefit you and help you get to where you want to be in the long run. Really challenge yourself to focus on maximizing your day, managing your time effectively, and limiting your distractions so that you are not being kept away from your priorities and can ultimately reach your goals! Unless distractions are going to help you, support you, guide you, put money in your bank account, and help you grow, avoid them to the best of your ability and focus on YOU! It’s a proven fact that successful people are not afraid to make sacrifices to accomplish their goals. What are you willing to sacrifice and give up so that you can get to where you were destined to be?

I hope you guys focus on your goals, create an ideal timeline for the things that you want to accomplish, and invest your time efficiently and wisely! Have a great week Mamas and let’s chat soon!

Genesis A. Emery ♥




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