The Amour Genesis Project

The Amour Genesis Project

Giving Back to Our Community


Hey Chicago!

My name is Genesis A. Emery and I am the Founder and President of The Amour Genesis Project- a Chicago based non-profit organization that provides resources and essential items to residents in Chicago’s underserved communities.

Genesis in the community

Care Packages


Initially, The Amour Genesis Project started out as a 4-day community initiative called #CurbsideCommunityCarePackages to give back and provide essential items for residents throughout Chicago’s underserved communities such as Englewood, South Shore, Chatham, Auburn Gresham, Washington Heights, and Near West.

However, because this community initiative received so much positive feedback, garnered support from all over the city, and raised over $3,000 in donations in the past three weeks, I knew that I had to turn this into a non-profit organization so that I could continue to do more for our Chicago communities and on a much larger scale. So now we have, “The Amour Genesis Project.” – Founder & President, Genesis A. Emery 

Genesis giving out care packages
Genesis holding care packages

The care packages from The Amour Genesis Project: #CurbsideCommunityCarePackages include the following items and are donated to residents throughout Chicago for free as our way of giving back and Making A Difference for our community: Gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Wipes, Antibacterial Hand Soap, Antibacterial Bar Soap, Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Spray, Immune Support Tea, Individual Tissue Packs, Rolls of Toilet Paper, Cough Drops, Healthy Granola Bars, Bottled Water, and groceries (upon request for residents who cannot leave their homes or may be experiencing a financial hardship).

The Amour Genesis Project also provides Kids Care Packages for children which include items such as wooden toys, arts & crafts sets, bubbles, comic books, crayons, book markers, flash cards, light up balls, headbands, mini action figures and unicorns, baby wipes and kids wipes, fruit snacks, granola bars, juices boxes, and more! (The care packages are all complimentary for the community).


The Amour Genesis Project provides essential items and resources to underserved  neighborhoods and members of the community, including families, seniors, and those with disabilites. Your kind donation will go towards providing those essential needs. Thank you in advance.


Your donation will have a big impact in our community… every little bit helps.