What inspired you to start the Violet Book Series?

I’m a woman of Faith and, when thinking to write “The Violet Book Series”, I was actually sitting down and having quiet time, in prayer. I was asking God, “What more do you require of me?” I felt like there was something more inside of me and the answer I received back was, “Well, you know I told you to write that book.”  I work with children as a Speech Therapist and a lot of what I do has always been child related.  Therefore, it was a very natural fit for me to write a Children’s Book. I knew that it was going to be based around a little girl and, honestly, and everything else evolved from there. 

What is the purpose of The Violet Book Series?

“The Violet Book Series” is created for children of color to have positive images of themselves that are reflective of their communities. Each morally based story focus on highlighting a child’s overall awareness of their own sense of self-esteem and responsibility, as it relates to what they value. The book focuses on family dynamics as well, with little Violet learning a lot of her life lessons from her Daddy. You can follow the day and the life of Violet and her little brother Derek. 

What inspired you to come up with the name Violet?

That’s funny that you ask that.  Originally, the character was named after me. Then, I wanted a Universal name that a lot of children could relate to. I was visiting with a girlfriend and she came up with the name, Violet. All of her children have beautiful names. I loved it and it stuck!

How does The Violet Book Series give back and make a difference for children with special needs? 

That’s a wonderful question. I work as a Speech Therapist on the West Side of Chicago. For those who may not be familiar with this area, it is an underserved, low socio-economic area where the populations I service are Black and Brown Families with children who have Special Needs. I recognized a need for these children to have positive images of themselves that are readily available.  They need books that they can see themselves in, represented in a positive light.  As I began to visit Daycares and Libraries with my book, it was amazing to hear the children say, “Wow Mommy, Daddy that looks like me!”  I look forward to doing a lot more by way of giving back to our Communities and Communities like those I service this Holiday Season! 

How did you come up with the visionary for the book?

My initial illustrator asked that I send him a baby picture of myself. As a result, Violet is actually created in my likeness.  The other characters grew from my verbal descriptions along with some creativity on the behalf of my illustrator. The process of writing for me was that I wrote the story and then there’s something called “illustration directives”. These are written to make the illustrator’s job easier. I wrote the down the descriptions for each page as they appeared in my mind, while reading the story. I also researched drawing styles on Instagram.

How much are the books priced for: 

The Books are $15; E-Books are $10. The Apparel is $20 for each T-shirt. I also offer School Programming and Author Appearances, Literacy Nights, Etc. I have bundle pricing available for Books and T-shirts for the Holidays.

What future plans do you have in store for the Violet Book Series Book? 

The Next Book will be out just in time for the holidays!  There will be lots of events and appearances around our New Release!  You can stay up to date on everything by following us on social media.

What advice do you have for other aspiring authors who may want to write children’s books? 

My advice is, “Know your reason why”. There has to be a heart behind what you do. Make your work uniquely yours. I believe that, if your heart and soul is in it, it will thrive. If it is not, it will show. 

Where can we find the Violet Book Series and where can fans follow you?

You can follow The Violet Book Series and make all purchases exclusively online at https://www.thevioletbookseries.com

And follow us on IG: @thevioletbookseries

Facebook: @The Violet Book Series 

For Bookings and Speaking Engagements: Email us at info@kenyattascott.com


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