1. Have a Purpose – That feeling that you get when you know you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and it feels so right. The feeling that you get when you know that you’re doing something that’s equally amazing and impactful. That feeling that you get when you know that your life would be completely different if you weren’t involved in what you’re doing. The energy that you have each and every morning and time and time again because you know that you were destined and created for this. This Ladies, is your It’s that love that you feel for your brand without a shadow of a doubt and that constant drive to keep going anyway because you know that you were made for this and it was made for you. Your purpose is the #1 thing that you should have for your brand because this is the fuel behind your work fire and the organism that lives and breathes your “why.” No matter what kind of business idea or creative brand that you have, always have an intended purpose behind it and know that this is necessary for your brand’s success. Your purpose is your why and the reason for your constant investment of money, time, energy, and creativity. Always know your purpose and the why behind your brand and business goals.

  1. Set Goals That Motivate YouIt’s always important to set goals. But are your goals your motivation? When you’re setting goals you always want to remember to have goals in mind that will motivate you and help you reach your bigger plans. It’s also extremely important to have a plan of action in place so that you can actually reach these goals. You also want to keep in mind that you should be set goals that are attainable, specific, measurable, relevant and time bound. It’s also imperative to focus on identifying your long and short term goals and then strategically develop a plan of action to accomplish them within a designated time frame. The last thing that you want to do is set goals that you already know are not going to pan out within your desired timeframe or realistically be met. Really hone in and focus on what your goals mean to you and then determine an appropriate timeframe to knock them off your list of goals that motivate you. And most importantly, make sure that you have a strategic plan of action in place so that you have a much better chance of attaining your goals.


The Best Ways to Set Goals

  1. Set Specific Goals: Your goal must be clear and well defined.
  2. Set Measurable Goals: Include precise amounts, dates, and so forth in your goals so you can measure your degree of success.
  3. Set Attainable Goals: Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set.
  4. Set Relevant Goals: Set goals that are relevant to your purpose, your why, and your bigger future plans.
  5. Set Time-Bound Goals: Set goals that have a timeframe.


  1. Invest in Your Self-Development and Continued Growth – Whatever you do, don’t ever stop growing. Don’t ever stop progressing. And don’t ever stop investing in your self-improvement. Life is all about growth and being better than who and what we were yesterday. We should always be growing both individually and professionally. If you enjoy this or even simply want to learn something, invest in self-development and self-improvement books. If needed, seek therapy to have an extra shoulder to lean on and help you get through life’s various chapters and stages. And overall, just really focus on working to become a better, more improved YOU! We all only get one lifetime to blow each chapter of our lives out the water. Don’t fall into the traps of mediocrity, keep doing what it takes to continue growing and being your very best you! The world is depending on you to be your best self and your children are depending on you to be their best and biggest Hero! Live your life without regrets and no matter what, always keep striving for greatness and opportunity!


  1. Learn From Your Failures and Embrace Your Challenges – Honestly, sometimes failure is an option. Without failure how could there possibly be growth? Without failure how could there ever be a lesson learned? Don’t let failures get the best of you or make you feel defeated. Instead, embrace them and use them as key learning tools to groom and train you for the next time around. We can learn so much from our failures and use these experiences as opportunities to turn things around the next time. You see, failure is just that, learning opportunities to grow, become better, make improvements, and be our best selves. It’s ok to fail. Just make sure that you learn something from your failure and grow from your experiences.


  1. Build a Support Team – Don’t ever think that you’re in this alone. Build a team of individuals who support you, want to help you grow, want to watch you succeed, and want the very best for you. View these individuals as if they were your brand’s stakeholders. Seek their opinions, value their feedback, and consider their recommendations. Make sure that your support team is strong and that these people are pushing and genuinely rooting for you every step of the way. And make sure that they hold you accountable! (Like an accountability partner)


  1. Hold Yourself Accountable – This is one of the greatest things that you can not only do for your business, but also for your life and that is holding yourself accountable. From Mom to Mom, I know it gets hard and I know it’s challenging trying to balance the obstacles that come along with Mommyhood on top of managing your career. I’m going through it myself so trust me, I get it. But as Mompreneurs we have to remember that we must hold ourselves accountable for accomplishing our goals and getting to where we want to be. Let’s focus on doing what we say we’re going to do and Really Boss Up! If you say you’re going to launch your business in 6 months, then actually do what it takes and what’s required of you as a business owner to launch your business in 6 months. If you say that you want to dedicate yourself to publishing a new book by January of 2020, then take the necessary steps and knock out your goals so that you can publish your book by January of 2020. If we don’t hold ourselves accountable, we’ll never reach out goals and dreams. Stay consistent, Hold Yourself Accountable, and Do What It Takes to Get There!


  1. Manage Your Time – The #1 thing that you can do outside of having a purpose for your brand, is managing your time. How can we get anything done without managing our time and setting an agenda. Structure your life, your month, your day, your hours, your minutes, and even down to your seconds to get things done and handle your business. I know it gets hard with being a Mom and simultaneously pursuing our career goals, but we have to do what it takes to manage our time to the best of our ability. Try your best to plan out and structure your day so that you can maximize your time and accomplish the tasks that need to be completed. We each have the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year. Use your time wisely and manage it well! The one thing that you can’t get back is your time, so invest it well.


  1. Dream Big, Reach Bigger – No matter what you do, don’t stop dreaming! Keep dreaming, keep setting those goals, keep elevating your brand, and keep reaching bigger. Turn your dreams into reality and believe in the power of positive thinking. If you want it, go after it and always know that you can do anything that you want to do.

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