We have the most brilliant and rewarding job of all. We see firsthand how beautiful it is to carry a human being and watch them grow over the years into young adults. We are fortunate enough to have children that love us unconditionally and would do just about anything to be in our arms and be nurtured by us. We have some of the strongest souls on the planet and have been gifted with the strength to balance at least ten different things at once, raise our children to be amazing individuals, have professional careers, and stay resilient all while being a Mom! Let’s face it Ladies, we are simply remarkable and there is no gift like the gift of being a Mom. But, despite all of the many hats that we wear and roles that we take on to love our children, nurture and protect them, and be supermoms, in so many cases we still forget about us! We too need nurturing, we too need balance, we too need comfort, and we too need self-care.

It feels like we are always caring for and doing something to please and love the people around us, but there are always times when we fail to care for ourselves. With a brand New Year here filled with many resolutions, now is the perfect time to think about giving ourselves the things that we need most- self care. Check out my list of The 5 Much-Needed Self-Care Tips for Moms:

1. Understand That It’s Ok To Take A Break Sometimes
– If you’re anything like me, you are always striving to do more, be more and take on more. But what about the concept of not biting on more than what we can actually chew. Ladies, we have to know that sometimes it’s ok to walk away and take a break- and especially if it’s costing you your peace. We can still be resilient, strong moms, but also have the knowledge and power to know when it’s ok to break away and re-focus our attention and energy on something else. We have to keep in mind that we’re really no good to anyone else if we aren’t any good to ourselves. So know when it’s time to take a break and re-direct your attention.

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2. Spend At Least 1 Hour Per Week Doing Something That You Enjoy
– I know that 1 hour isn’t much time at all, but sometimes when we’re balancing being the role of being a parent, focused on our careers, maintaining things on the home front, on top of trying to stay disciplined and somewhat organized, an hour can be a lifetime and works wonders when we need it most! I don’t care if it’s from watching your favorite show, to getting a mani-pedi at your favorite salon, or having a drink with your girlfriends, you must take at least an hour to do something personal that’s just about you! Trust me, your children will be fine and planet earth will still keep on turning on it’s axis without you for 60 minutes. Pick a date and time to indulge in an hour of personal time for yourself. You’ll be surprised what an hour can do for your mood, energy, and space.

3. Mediate and Reflect
– Face it, life gets way too crazy sometimes and it can easily feel like we’re always on the battlefield trying to get through it. That’s why it’s so important to take time out each day to mediate and reflect on life and the things that we want from it. Sure, we all have desires, goals, and aspirations, but do we ever really just stop and take a minute to reflect on the things that we have and meditate on the things that we want. Whether it’s prayer, daily life quotes, inspirational messages or something else that fits your needs, take a few minutes out each day or as much time that you need to mediate and reflect on your life.

4. Treat Yourself and Don’t Feel Bad About It
– How many of us are always giving, buying and doing something for someone else to make them happy and ensure that they have what they need. Of course a part of being a mom is to provide for our children, but let’s also consider that there are things that we may want too and that’s totally ok! We may not always have the luxury of spending and treating ourselves all of the time, but it’s perfectly ok to do something nice and rewarding for ourselves every once in a while. Rather its buying our favorite bottle of wine, those fab new pumps that we’ve had our eyes on, the chic skirt that we knew was meant for us, or even the vacation that we always wanted to go on, we have to remember that our needs matter too and that’s ok to treat ourselves here and there. After all, I’m sure so many of us spoil our children, why not spoil yourself sometimes too and reward yourself for the continuous hard work that you put in.

5. Give Your Body the Attention That It Deserves
– Our Body is a machine that is always ticking and just keeps going even during times when it needs to slow down. Treat it well and give the attention that it deserves. Whether it’s a visit to the spa or the gym, a long overdue yoga session or even an intensive fasting or total body cleanse, give your body what it deserves! You’ll feel so much better and it may even help you become more productive!

Ciao Bella!

– Amour Genesis

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