As Mothers, it’s easy to say that our lives are never easy and that at so many times we find ourselves struggling just to keep it all together. But when we also throw in our busy careers and entrepreneurship lifestyles, life becomes even more challenging. Just like you guys, I often struggle trying to maintain and balance it all.

But the good news is, IT CAN BE DONE! And just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean that your dreams, goals, and other priorities have to stop. As women, we are so powerful and strong and we have the option to re-define what motherhood looks like for us.

For some of us, motherhood means being a stay at home mom so that we can purely just focus on our family life and nurture our children exclusively.

For some of us, motherhood means finding balance and strength in having dual roles, wearing multiple hats, and learning how to make it work for you even though motherhood and work life is not and will never be perfect.

As moms we have to make motherhood our own and live our lives to the fullest even during the challenges. They only make us stronger and in today’s modern world, we are no longer forced to choose between mommy-hood and career-hood. We can do both and still be successful while proactively going after our dreams and wholeheartedly raising our little ones! Kudos to the Mamas who are going after their goals and dreams while rocking mommy-hood and finding positive ways to manage it all!

Chat Soon Mamas,

Genesis A. Emery ♥

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