The Business Takeover Course

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The Business Takeover Course


Are you ready for the blueprint? Let me give you some strategies to get you ready for next year, map out your detailed digital marketing plan, structure your PR plan, and optimize your business strategy to drive brand sales, visibility, and your profit game like a Business Boss! Plus, you’ll have me for 4 weeks at your disposal as a retainer client! What better way to kick off the new year than to get Brand-Performance-Ready through my Business Takeover Plan! This 4-week plan is designed to jumpstart your business goals and start driving sales immediately!

  • I’ll help you kill it in 4th quarter and get you ready for next year so your business can grow, profit, and become a game-changing brand in your industry!
  • You will receive in-depth one-on-one business coaching from me, weekly 30-minute brand acceleration calls, weekly business reports on your tracked performance, a customized brand activation strategy, a revenue-driving digital marketing plan, an accelerated sales strategy guide, an initial 60-minute video conference with Genesis Emery, plus two free e-books to help grow your business and secure media attention for your brand!


*Payment Plans Available (Pay Your Deposit of $250 today and you’ll be registered for my 4-week Business Takeover to Get You Ready for 2021!)*

*This offer is valid through Tuesday, November 16, 2020 AT 6PM CST*