Mamas Making Money Conference



Genesis A. Emery (A.K.A Amour Genesis) is an influential, game-changing female entrepreneur with an unstoppable go-getter mentality! Genesis has experienced a great deal of challenges but has always managed to turn her adversity into a powerful story to inspire the masses and motivate them to excel. Genesis is a recognized serial entrepreneur, speaker and global philanthropist. She also uplifts aspiring female entrepreneurs with content from her digital community, “Mamas Making Money” and online talk show platform, “Mamas Making Money TV.”

She even has her own bow tie collection that she founded with her son Noah, “The Little Dapper Collection.” Being a woman with a true philanthropic heart, Genesis has founded several non-profit organizations, “The Little Dapper Project” and “The Amour Genesis Project.” In addition to all of the wonderful things that Genesis does, she is also a special needs advocate for children with unique medical challenges, as well as the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Agency Prolific – an integrated digital marketing and advertising agency. Genesis is highly respected for being an entrepreneurial inspiration to others, a voice for positive change, and while doing all of these incredible things, she’s also the mother of her 5-year-old son, Noah!