Hey Mamas! It’s Monday and we are back in business to chat about Mompreneurship and How Mamas Can Money! There are so many topics that I want to share with you guys and open up discussions for over these next few weeks, but today I want to chat with my fellow Mommies about the concept of “impact when it comes to your brand.”

More often times than none, I find myself running across brands that have goals of generating a large accumulation of revenue and significant financial profit, but yet they are dramatically lacking when it comes to making an impact for their stakeholders. When consumers think of any brand or business, the first thing that comes to mind is what that brand is recognized for (What do they do? What do they offer?) As a business owner, you must be able to identify the key impact that your brand is making for others. Whether you’re a mommy blogger, a fashion stylist, a digital marketer, a culinary chef, a political campaign strategist, a hairstylist, an event planner, or even an attorney, one thing is for sure and that is that you must be able to make an impact if you truly want your brand and or business to succeed and sustain longterm.

Think about what your brand is doing to service the greater good for someone else. Think about the product that your brand offers to help make someone else’s life easier? Think about the positive change that your brand is making in your community or even on a national level. These are the things that we should be thinking about on a regular basis for our brands and our businesses as entrepreneurs. Remember, if your business cannot make a positive impact for someone else, theres a great chance that your business may not succeed or sustain longterm. And let’s not forget, that as your brand expands its offered products and services, your impact can change as a result from that. So always be sure to think about your bottom line and how your brand is going to make an impact for someone else.

Questions to think about when it comes to your brand? 

  • Are you leveraging your brand to create opportunities and give back to others?
  • How is your brand or business making an impact within your community or on a larger level?
  • What are the top 3 things that you want consumers, clients, or stakeholders to say about your brand?
  • Does your brand or business offer a service or product that other brands don’t?
  • What’s your bottom line and how are you making someone else’s life easier?
  • How is your brand adding value and offering a benefit to others?
  • What are you doing to make a difference? (Are you giving back? Are you promoting positive change? Are you being a voice in your community or on a national level?)’

Do you need tips or advice on how to make your brand stronger and ways to offer a higher impact for your stakeholders? Contact Genesis at amourgenesis@gmail.com so we can chat and discuss ways that I can help you!

Until Next Monday Mamas,

Genesis A. Emery

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