About Genesis

How I went from Spokesmodel to a Social Entrepreneur and National Philanthropist.


The Amour Genesis brand is an empowering platform for female entrepreneurs which helps women to successfully balance the busy lifestyles between motherhood and entrepreneurship. Genesis A. Emery, is a social entrepreneur, speaker, the host & producer of “Mamas Making Money Mondays,” a global philanthropist, and a special needs advocate.

She is also the founder of a children’s bow tie brand, “The Little Dapper Collection,” which grooms little boys into dapper young gentlemen, while giving back and raising awareness for children with special needs.

Genesis is also the founder of “The Little Dapper Project” which is a non-profit organization that mentors and empowers Chicago’s underprivileged youth as well as, “The Amour Genesis Project” which is a Chicago-based charity that provides essential items and needed resources for the underserved Chicago community. Genesis is a highly-respected, inspirational voice for positive change, and a leading game changer for female entrepreneurs and single moms. And she’s also the mother of her 5-year old son, Noah which continually inspires her mission and dedication to make a difference for those in need. 

Genesis and Noah
Mamas Making Money Mondays
Genesis and Unice

The online show titled, “Mamas Making Money Monday’s” is an extension of the Amour Genesis brand and a supportive digital media platform for women. What I do is host and produce the online show to spotlight
phenomenal female entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact and using their authentic voice to show both current and aspiring entrepreneurs what women’s entrepreneurship really looks like and the level of hard work, tenacity, and commitment that it takes behind the scenes. On social media we tend to see the glamorous side of what entrepreneurship looks like but unfortunately that portrayal is often times false and not a true depiction of what we can expect to see in the reality of being business owners. The women that I highlight on “Mamas Making Money Mondays” are proud to give viewers an honest transparent testimony of what it take to stay in business and be successful long term; their honest feedback and tips to help you target the right audience, increase your profit margin, and create multiple streams of revenue; and the business insight that women need to hear to ultimately help them become impactful entrepreneurs and achieve their business goals.

Mamas Making Money Monday’s is produced and hosted by Genesis Emery and aired every Monday morning on IGTV at 7:30am CST. Each week a different female entrepreneur is interviewed and their business is
highlighted on the show.

Little Dapper Collection Logo
Little Dapper Gents
Baby Noah on Wooden Horse

Founded in 2015, The Little Dapper Collection is a handcrafted children’s bow tie company that grooms little boys into dapper young gentlemen and revolutionizes the way that parents dress their kids, while giving back and raising awareness for children with special needs. The inspiration of The Little Dapper Collection all started with the news of Baby Noah- my adorable 5 year old son! The idea to create The Little Dapper Collection came in part when I became pregnant with my son Noah. He inspired me to create a fashion-focused children’s brand in honor of his heroic testimony. Shortly after Noah was born, I had experienced a few post-birth complications and subsequently Noah and I spent Christmas of 2014 and the first two and a half months of his Noah’s life in Lurie Children’s Hospital’s NICU.

Because of this, I felt a growing desire to move forward with my fashion company while also giving back to parents and families in need. My goal was to create a brand that would not only service the fashion needs of young men, but also inspire them and give back to children through her love for bow ties! With that mindset, I am dedicated to giving back a portion of The Little Dapper Collection’s revenue every month to charities and non-profits in efforts to help children in need.

Today, Baby Noah is a Heroic little 5-year old who has been officially diagnosed with a rare genetic chromosome syndrome called, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. However, he is extremely happy, active, and enjoying every moment of making bow ties with his mom and giving back to children with special needs and unique medical challenges! Together Noah and I are giving back to children one bow tie at a time & using our voice to help bring positive awareness to children with special needs! We are making a difference through fashion and philanthropy.

Little Dapper Project Logo
Teaching Young Gents to be dapper
Little Dapper Project

The Little Dapper Project is a children’s non-profit organization that inspires Chicago’s underprivileged male youth to become future male leaders in society by empowering them to make a positive impact in the lives of others, while being a voice for positive change. The Little Dapper Project not only encourages young men to become exceptional dapper gentlemen, but also inspires youth to encourage their peers to lead by positive example just like them! 

Through The Little Dapper Project’s intensive workshop program and mentorship relationship with underserved male youth, young men will learn the value of making positive decisions, using their voice to help promote positive change, and most importantly inspiring their peers to become future male
leaders by leading by positive example. 

The Little Dapper Project hosts an intensive, ongoing workshop program customized for underserved boys throughout Chicago between the ages of 8-16 years old. In addition to this, the 501c3 organization serves as a mentorship organization for young men, while also leading the fundraising initiatives to help support the boys financial educational needs including text books, school supplies, field trips, and scholarships. The organization is currently partnered with The Boys and Girls Club and The Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. Some of the topics discussed in the workshop programs include the following: Respect, Accountability, Leadership, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drug Use, Using Manners, Dedication, Commitment, Making Ethical Decisions, etc.