I’m sure you guys have most likely seen the glitter of entrepreneurship and how it may appear on social media but the truth is, entrepreneurship can be extremely challenging and is definitely not intended for the weak minded or for those who are afraid to put in the hard work and needed effort.

There are so many times when you are going to fail, but despite those times you still have to be able to quickly think on your feet and get back up.

There are also going to be many times when you feel defeated, overwhelmed, overworked, extremely drained, and like you can’t balance things as easily as you may want to. But despite that, you still have to find your way and manage your entrepreneurship career effectively so that you can keep going and live in your life’s purpose.

Sure many entrepreneurs may seem like they have it all figured out and on camera, their professional world looks completely glamourous. But the truth is, there was an insane amount of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers that went into the brand that they worked so hard to launch and make successful. There were so many tears that went into their failures and later successes. There were friends and relationships that were lost while they were pursuing their dreams and career ambitions. And there were so many times when they just felt like giving it all up and re-thinking their business plans. However, they managed to find their way, they lived in their purpose, and despite the obstacles that they faced, they continued to pursue their goals anyway.

That ladies, is entrepreneurship. It’s staying in the nitty gritty and keeping your hands dirty so you can have something greater long-term. It’s sometimes missing outings and quality time with your kids because you’re out trying to make a better life for them.

If you guys don’t already know, I am the owner two-businesses, one being a children’s fashion brand that gives back t children with special needs and unique medial challenges through fashion and philanthropy. And the second being a Mommy Brand that helps consult fashion and philanthropy. And the second being a Mommy Brand that helps consult Mompreneurs to successfully manage their business and mommyhood. And I am also the mother of a special needs son. To learn about my journey in entrepreneurship, please click on the “Services” tab.