The Truth About Split Ends!

Interview with Kenya, Natural Hair Stylist and Founder of Who’s Carmen

1. Ideally, how often should we clip our ends? And does our hair texture have an impact on the frequency that we should clip our ends?

-Depending on how your grows (how fast and/or taking in consideration of its state), ideally, every 3-4 months is when you should get a haircut. If your hair grows faster than average, 2-3 months between is recommended. Texture does not necessarily play a factor in frequency, however those textures that are more on the dryer side is prone to breakage–breakage requires a haircut no matter the case. But getting on a regular haircut/ trimming regime is crucial to all textures and their health.

2. What happens to our hair when we don’t clip our ends on time?

– When we don’t regularly trim / cut, it’s allowing more damage to occur. Split ends will cause the splitting to travel up the hair shaft the longer you wait and the more you manipulate it; brushing, combing, moving, etc. the only way to stop this is to consistently cut off the problem.

3. What are the best products to use to minimize the breakage of hair and split ends?

– Minimizing breakage can be easy when you regularly condition your hair. Deep conditioning 3 or more times a week will insure your hair is hydrated and keep your strands sealed, naturally. Water-soluble styling products are recommended to allow your hair & scalp to breath and thoroughly absorb water into strands. Hydrated hair = less splitting.

4. Why do our ends split? And does this mean that we’re doing something wrong in our daily/weekly hair regimen?

-The ends of our hair naturally split and our daily regimes simply can make it worse. Your hair grows on average, a quarter of an inch per month. The ends are the oldest and most damaged part of your hair, so just like anything else in this world, getting rid of the unhealthy allows for the better to flourish. So we’re not necessarily doing the wrong things, but it’s definitely about keeping up with doing the right things to combat the inevitable.

5. What are the best vitamins and/or supplements to take to promote strong, healthy hair?

-Besides water being one of the most important, it is overlooked. It is another way in keeping your hair & skin hydrated. Also, vitamin A helps in repairing cells and B vitamins (such as Biotin) promotes strength. I suggest taking a multivitamin to get the best of all worlds and up your water intake.

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