For Moms Who Want To Give A Bold Statement

Hi lovelies,

As you know Mother’s Day is less than a month away, and if some of you are like me, I tend to shop for gifts last minute. But this year, I was presented with a gift from All in Heels® Jewelry that I thought would be the perfect gift to share for Mother’s Day.

Now lovelies, you know me and you you know I love fabulous. And when I say this Atlanta-based jewelry brand exudes that, it exudes it! As a mom, you can literally do versatile looks making bold statements from sunup to sundown. You can wear it low with a nice work blouse then spice it up with a gorgeous cocktail dress by simply tightening the necklace. (So, ladies purchase this as a Mother’s Day gift to yourself and/or your mom)

Let me show some goodies that I received from this wonderful brand!

These Harley Kite Earrings in Red Hydro Quartz though! I absolutely love wearing them! You can dress this outfit up with a basic black dress, red pumps, leather jacket and All in Heels Jewelry Harley Kite Earrings in Red Hydro Quartz.

And let’s not forget about Valen Horn Necklace in Hoplite, that goes with EVERYTHING I wear! I would highly recommend purchasing this necklace as a Mother’s Day Gift. Although this color is sold out, you can purchase the white version on their site.



To view more luxe jewelry pieces that you can purchase for Mother’s Day, please be sure to visit All in Heels online store at 


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