About Me

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to the New Amour Genesis blog! Many of you may remember me as the Bubbly Spokesmodel and former Media Host who covered red carpet events throughout Chicago, and hosted my very own show, “TheGlamorous Life!” Now feast-forward to 4 years later and I am now a whole new me! I am a proud mommy of my adorable 2-year old son, Baby Noah (yes, I still refer to him as “Baby” because despite how old he gets, he’ll always be my baby) who has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Because of Noah’s heroic journey, I am also the Founder and Creative Director of The Little Dapper Collection” which is a stylish bow-tie brand for dapper babies, toddlers, and boys that takes pride in promoting fashion for a cause.

Because of my new journey into motherhood and as an avid female entrepreneur, I want to bring fellow mommies a personalized network of unity and offer a go-to hub that we can finally call our own. The Amour Genesis blog is a fabulous place for busy moms on-th-go who enjoy having girl talk about all things beauty and image, live & breath fashion and style, are always in the know about must-have health & lifestyle tidbits and lastly, enjoy the joys of motherhood and parenting, all while balancing their busy careers and business endeavors!

This one is for us Ladies. So, grab a glass of your favorite champagne and let’s enjoy some much needed mommy-time!